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Lingual Orthodontics in Madrid

In CIMA´s Orthodontics we are experts in all kinds of orthodontic techniques. We offer the most advanced lingual orthodontic techniques in Madrid. This kind of orthodontics is oriented to those people who want or need  traditional orthodontic treatment but want to go a step further, either because of aesthetics or any other reason.

Lingual Orthodontics in northern Madrid

The Lingual Ortodontic Technique that we use at CIMA´s Orthodontics is based on brackets that are positioned behind the teeth. In this way brackets are hidden and are not visible when the patient smiles. You can achieve optimal results in a time period of 12 to 24 months.

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There is slight discomfort for the patient at the very beginning of the treatment but the patient will get used to the new appliance within the first week of treatment.

Before bracket placement in CIMA orthodontics, we take all records needed to be able to customize your treatment plan as well as to estimate the treatment time and the cost. The brackets are customized for each patient. The individual treatment plan helps us to know the kind of bracket that will be necessary for each patient.

Ortodoncia lingual en Madrid Norte

Lingual Orthodontic technique is more complex than traditional orthodontics, which requires expert hands and a qualified profesional.

Ortodoncia lingual en Madrid Norte

For getting Lingual Orthodontics in Madrid, come to CIMA Orthodontics and schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to meeting with you and giving you your best treatment options.

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Lingual Orthodontics in Madrid