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Orthodontics Brackets in Madrid

CIMA Orthodontics is a specialist dental office in the northern area of Madrid, Mirasierra. We are specialist trained and are experts in all treatment options of orthodontics that are available today. We are a referent orthodontic practice in Madrid. Our experience and the latest techniques that we offer give us the ability to provide you with the best advice regarding your treatment options.

Orthodontics Brackets in northern Madrid

In CIMA Orthodontics we are experts in the In-Ovation system of Orthodontics.

Ortodoncia con brackets en Madrid

These are self-ligation brackets which improve the forces to the teeth, reduce treatment times and also provide better patient comfort. Furthermore, the frequency of appointments are usually every 8-10 weeks as compared to every 4 weeks with traditional braces.

Ortodoncia con brackets Madrid Norte

Ortodoncia con brackets barrio del pilar

Orthodontics has evolved in a large way during the last few years and at CIMA Orthodontics we have embraced the evolution and provide our patients with these latest treatment techniques.

The total treatment time varies from 6 to 18 months. To know all the information about your orthodontic treatment schedule a complementary consultation with us.

Orthodontics brackets northern Madrid

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